XR Art & Networking 2024

Save the date! On June 26, there will be the 5th XR ART & NETWORKING in our EU-funded projects’ series.

The focus lies on three topics and we are very pleased that we could win excellent speakers for two of them:

  • Artistic Research – In this context, Dr. Marlene Bart will give a talk and also present her VR work Theatrum Radix as part of her artistic research.
  • Analogue Haptics – The haptic sense has so far been little integrated into XR experiences. Based on initial ideas, we would like to reflect with you on the possibilities of integrating haptic perception in mixed reality.
  • Autonomous avatars – Interactions with avatars start with verbal communication, but is there more to it? Xenia Klinge and Tanja Simeonovski from DFKI will give a presentation on this topic.

  • We are also planning a 1-hour workshop with our colleagues from DFKI to discuss and brainstorm about autonomous avatars in cultural formats, information booths with artistic XR experiences and, as always, a coffee van by the Spree! 

For the detailed programme, please visit this link

You can already register by sending an email to aurora@htw-berlin.de – if you are interested, please also mention your binding registration for the workshop with DFKI (directly after the talks at around 3.15 pm).