XR Maker Space

The XR Maker Space offers artists and cultural producers on intermediate and advanced level the specification of their knowledge. In one-day workshops, current topics will be explored in depth.

Next Maker Spaces will take place in autumn 2024!


Augmented reality is an ingenious technology for staging narratives in public space, commenting on it or expanding it with at first glance invisible multimedia levels. That is why we are devoting one day to artistic and technological possibilities for locating digital content in public space.

In our second Maker Space at the FKI of HTW Berlin, we first drew inspiration from examples in art and culture, examined their technological realisation, advantages and disadvantages.

This was be followed by an introduction to GPS, the Visual Position System (VPS) and some Google APIs that can be used to position content in public space, as well as by a brainstorming combined with tipps, e.g. regarding User Interfaces incl. text in public space.

The main part of the course involved setting up a Unity project in combination with Google’s Geospatial Creator, creating and testing our own first prototype on the HTW campus. We also took a look at alternatives such as the Immersal app and Adobe Aero.

The course was held in German, questions and exchange in English were welcome.


10.00 – Welcome and short round of introductions
10.30 – Creative input with examples from the cultural sector
11.00 – Technical input (GPS, VPS etc.)
11.20 – Coffee break
11.45 – AR in public space – brainstorming, dos and don’ts
12.30 – Practice: Unity project with Geospatial Creator I
01.30 – Lunch break
02.15 – Practice: Immersal Scan (outside) + -Project
+ Unity project with Geospatial Creator II
+ Build(s) of protoype(s)
03.15 – Testing the prototype(s) in public space
04.00 – End


21.11.23: Maker Space #1 on »VR Multiplayer«

In our first Maker Space at the FKI of HTW Berlin, we will start with a shared experience of the VR multiplayer XBPMMM – A Travelogue of Morphing Bodies, which was developed in collaboration with our artistic fellows Janne Kummer, Anton Krause and Steph Holl-Trieu at HTW Berlin in 2022/23.

This will be followed by a short theory session – and then it’s time to set up your own multiplayer Unity project! Participants of XR Basics can also use the assets and the sample project from these courses, alternatively we will provide material during the course or you can bring your own.

In the end, you will not only have learned what to consider in the development of VR multiplayers, but we will also have collected enough material for a tutorial, which the AURORA XR team can then finalise and put online in Open Access.