Requirements for participation

A small application (don’t be afraid, it’s low-key )

Deadline: 31.08.2023

  • Unity-XR project file (format: .zip, wetransfer, GitHub, …; Unity version: 2022.3.4f1 or a newer 2022.3.x)
  • with simple AR (Vuforia or AR Foundation) or VR project (XR Interaction Toolkit or Oculus Integration).
  • digital content can be self-created or downloaded from an asset store (e.g. simple 3D model or 2D animation as an image sequence)
  • Animation should be included in the project (e.g. transformation animation such as rotation, scaling, or position)
  • portfolio in the context of XR and/or digital media production with Blender or similar (of the last 3 years, max. 10 pages, max. 5 MB)
  • short CV

With this, we assume that you …

  • have installed Unity Hub and Unity version 2022.3.4f1 or newer 2022.3.x
  • have installed the necessary packages (e.g. Vuforia, AR Foundation, XR Interaction Toolkit, or Oculus Integration …)
  • have first knowledge of Unity (navigation in the editor, creating a simple XR project, creating simple animations)
  • have already imported suitable digital content (XR-ready)
  • optionally: can build on smartphone or VR glasses

The application form can be found here >>>
Please note that the courses will be held in German.