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At the AURORA School for ARtists, you have the choice between five continuing courses on augmented reality and digital media production. For a perfect start, and regardless of individual prior knowledge, we recommend a visit to Course 1 »Examples, conception and designing of augmented reality applications in the creative field«.

The five courses provide an introduction to the production of AR apps and build on each other in content. They are offered at intervals of a few days to weeks in succession. Most of the participants use the entire continuing education program. If you already have previous knowledge, the AURORA School for ARtists also offers you to skip individual courses and to put together your individual courses.

After the further education you have the possibility to apply for one of the five places in our production laboratory at the HTW Berlin. There you can use the support of our staff to develop your apps and bring them to a successful conclusion.

Due to the project being funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of their Stärkung des Innovationspotentials in der Kultur II (strengthening of innovation potential in the cultural sector), each School for ARtists training can be offered for only a small catering fee. The digital courses are free of charge.

Structure of the regular training (next dates in September 2022)

Course 1: Examples, conception and design of Augmented Reality applications in the cultural sector
Course 2: Introduction into the production of Augmented Reality applications without coding
Course 3: Introduction into the production of Augmented Reality applications with visual coding
Course 4: Media production with Blender
Course 5: AR Production Lab  with individual time slots

The exact dates will be announced in June. Registration is not yet possible, but you can write to us for a reservation: