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Evolution of Street Art

Street Art documentation with augmented reality
Supporting developer: Leonid Barsht

Evolution of Street Art is an interactive documentation of street art in Berlin’s urban space. Focusing on guerilla art such as graffiti and stencils, the AR application documents the constant transformation of urban places: Overnight, new street art arrives, changes or falls victim to urban planning measures.

In this context, Evolution of Street Art pursues the goal of a large-scale and at the same time multi-layered outdoor gallery: distributed over various spots and routes, the various street art works can be interactively explored and walked through. With the help of an interactive map and GPS, users are navigated to the respective spots and trigger the augmented reality content when they reach their destination. This content is dynamically loaded from an external database, making it possible to expand the application at any time.

Documentary film and audio recordings take the tour participants on a journey to artwork, artists, projects and locations. They also gain insights into the design, implementation, history, activism and people surrounding the works. Photographic and other visual material makes already destroyed art visible again on site.

Evolution of Street Art is available to everyone free of charge and is designed as a growing art exhibition. A participatory expansion in the sense of an open platform is planned. Artists will have the opportunity to place their art, performances and gigs interactively or to organize an exhibition. There are hardly any limits to creativity and the Berlin street art scene will have a contemporary tool for documenting and presenting their works.

Text: Maja Stark, Leonid Barsht and Botorius