Rose Garden

Interactive AR-Postcard
Supporting developer: Leonid Barsht

The inspiration for this work by visual artist Annagul Beschareti was the famous poem Golestān (Engl.: Rose Garden) by the 13th century Persian poet Saadi, which speaks of the everlasting beauty of a rose garden. In the present prototype, Beschareti abstracts the motif of the non-wilting flowers, gul, and lets them grow out of a Persian carpet in augmented reality as soon as they are touched. An ornamental postcard serves as a marker (see motif).

Beschareti’s overall concept enables a digital carpet of flowers that makes even bare or asphalted earth surfaces bloom – a work of poetry under the sign of Saadi, interpreted in a contemporary way that once again manifests its immortality, because:

»Of what use will be a dish of roses to thee?
Take a leaf from my rose-garden.
A flower endures but five or six days
But this rose-garden is always delightful.«
(Saadi. The Gulistan.

Text: Annagul Beschareti und Maja Stark